1. adrain botez says:

    Este interesant acest blog, ai putea sa-l actualizezi mai des..:)

  2. Jodie says:

    Hey Lucille! I would love to make this skirt to wear to an 80′s theme party this weekend. Do you have a copy of the instructions in English? I am a newbie sewer…but this looks like something I couldn’t mess up (to bad). Thanks for sharing your designs. Beautiful work!


  3. Here you are the instructions in English:
    You need 5 meters of black tulle, 1,5 metri black tafetta for underskirt (petticoat) , an elastic band of 5 cm width 1) Cut the tulle in 3 pieces of 50 cm each so it results 3 pieces of 50 cm / 5m:

    2) Cut the taffeta in a semicircle as it is shown in the photo, after you set the fabric in an angle of 45 degrees. (So it can form a triangle)

    3) Sew the margins of the 3 pieces, so they look like three tubes of 50 cm lenght and the 5 meters circle wide. Stitch and sew folds (making ruffles) of the 3 skirts as it is shown in photos. Sew the 3 tulle skirts together.

    4) Sew the margins of the underskirt together and make it a whole :

    5) Sew the two parts (the tulle skirt and underskirt ) resulted together then sew it with the elastic band.. (the elastic band should be sewn ON the skirt ) …ready!

  4. alina says:

    buna ,faci rochitze tutu la comanda trim plssss raspuns pe maill multumesc

  5. Jocuri says:

    “Foarte fain,mersi de post.:p”

  6. Foarte interesat, Mersi admin.

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  9. Avatare says:

    Foarte reusit modelul, te-ai gandit sa faci si rochii de mireasa?

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